2021 Be Good To Us..

It’s a new decade!!!”

What sounded like a refreshing new chapter, ended up being the opposite. Most of us had goals, plans, dreams & other things set out for this year that we had no clue would be postponed or cancelled. COVID-19 came & changed everything, some for the good & some for the bad. Sickness, death & racism flooded communities this year & although we’ve been facing these issues beforehand, something about this year just came different & at us full force. A new virus spreading rapidly with no vaccine or cure, businesses closing, schools closing, people losing jobs & much more. Not panicking was a test for many of us. New & old generations haven’t seen anything quite like this, it’s been a bad year for everyone.

For awhile, every time you’d turn the news on or scroll through social media there would be something about Covid-19; what it’s doing, what we need to do to stay away from it, conspiracy theories & much more. The government announced a mandatory quarantine that we went under in the beginning, but with bills to pay & mouths to feed, it was hard not to panic not knowing what else tomorrow may bring. Everything was put on hold & we had to close ourselves in for awhile before going back to somewhat normal.

Quarantined with zero distractions, so much history we knew nothing about was discovered; seeing innocent lives taken by racism & so much injustice going on set right in front of us via social media, caused us to dig deeper than the surface. Tons of new black history was discovered & put out into the world because of this. We then realized how much the school system has failed us…

by Jay Goldz, Indianapolis 2020.

Due to this pandemic, shots were called & strings were pulled for certain things to take place in order for people to survive a little better. Businesses would let you postpone paying them & stimulus checks were distributed amongst many, but still it just wasn’t enough.. After some time, things slowly started opening & people started working again, the only difference was face masks & social distancing being mandatory in public places. You might as well say hand sanitizer too! if you don’t have the two while out, you’d be better off staying home.

by Jay Goldz, Indianapolis 2020.

Earlier in this article, I mentioned that this year changed everything; some for the good & some for the bad. When I mean for the good, I’m speaking on a lot of us during quarantine that became more in tune with a part of ourselves we’d overlook prior. A lot of people discovered hidden talents, purpose, change in direction & more during this time. Some even stepped back into things they put off in the past or even took on completely new routes. Regardless of what it was, growth was big for many this year.

Although the pandemic had some positive effects on us, the bad it did left a lot of scars, confusion & heartache. With this virus sort of being like the flu, everyone has been confused why a vaccine hasn’t come about? or similar help, to slow it down. Here we are 10 months into the year; a few weeks before Halloween, still no vaccine & cases are steady rising all over the US. Other countries have taken better precautions & luckily have way less cases & deaths, something the US should take into deep consideration. It’s also a known fact, older people or people with health problems have the hardest time getting over this virus, which puts a lot of the people in our family like this at risk.

So many lives were cut short this year & it has been so unfair & devastating. We can’t control what the world throws at us or the actions of some individuals, but we can work together & fight together for a better tomorrow, outcome & future.

“We cannot direct the winds, but we can adjust the sails” -Dolly Parton